Thursday, September 27, 2018

“All things are sacred in the lives of those who are spirit led; that is, subordinated to truth, ennobled by love, dominated by mercy, and restrained by fairnessjustice.”  [UB 155:06]

Teacher: “The above statement made by Jesus to His disciples beautifully summarizes the ‘how-to-be-Spirit-led.’  Indeed, the elements of truth, love, mercy, and fairness are indispensable to benefit from the fullness of the leadings of Spirit. 

“No matter how others behave, do not sacrifice any of these crucial elements in the way you lead your life.  Instead, check your decisions and behaviors against these golden standards, as it is how Spirit leads you.

“It is time for Christianity to go back to these basics and to remember that each life can have an eternal impact if abiding by them.  Sadly, such attitudes of brotherly love, far from being promoted by your mass media or governmental bodies, are frequently and blatantly swept under the rug in total disregard.  The truth itself is dangerously tampered with to encourage unrighteous agendas.  Rather than rallying around a common goal of public service and social upliftment, many initiatives are driven by iniquity, hatefully flagellating those who do not think alike in the courtyard of public opinion without any due process.  Sounds familiar?

 “How does it affect your environment?  It is obvious that it cannot lead to positive outcomes.  Set the personal intention to remain grounded in Spirit so that It can forever lead you in truth, love, mercy, and fairness.  It is how your life's content will be assessed when you transition toward higher realms.  It will determine your next way station, as all character flaws will have to be remedied for you to get full clearance into the Kingdom of God where truth, love, mercy, and justice reign supreme.”