Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, April 22, 2020

“. . . Maybe you are the salt which is to make this brother more agreeable to all other men; that is, if you have not lost your savor. As it is, this man is your master in that his evil ways unfavorably influence you. Why not assert your mastery of evil by virtue of the power of goodness and thus become the master of all relations between the two of you?”  [UB 130:2:4]

Thought Adjuster: “How do you respond to the tumultuous energies broadcasted by those who operate from dark inner places? Currently, a mighty fight of Titans takes place on the earthly battlefield between the influential forces of evil and goodness. The negative seems to get the upper hand due to humankind’s stunted self-awareness.

When you are in the presence of a hostile individual, do you let him rain on your parade, or are you able to lift him out of his detrimental funk?  Moods are incredibly contagious.  Yet, you do have a say as to which one you espouse at any given moment.  Why not invite vibrant ones to settle in your inner world?  They are transparent and authentic well-wishers.

When you let the widespread gloom and doom lower your emotional frequencies, you are at risk to drown in their quicksand.  Why not, instead, remain solidly grounded in your faith in better days and persevere in shining your reassuring light? 

Those who claim that others ‘put them in a bad mood,’ blaming them for what should amount to a deliberate choice on their part, are caught in the ripple effect of low-grade and unstable emotions.  Is it what you want for yourself? 

Live each day to remain undeterred by negativity and become a champion for positivity.  Lead by example; stop partaking in the unproductive mudslinging of negativity where everyone gets their hands dirty.  Gird yourself in your armor of light!  It will make your life inspiring and extremely meaningful—to you, to others, and your Divine Indweller.”