Oregon, US of A
Thursday, April 2, 2015

Christ Michael:  “Dear child, as you call unto Me, I respond.  I am like these refueling tankers who stand by, ready to refuel in flight the airplanes in need of more carburant so that they keep going on their long distance journey. 


“The journey to Paradise, through the local universe of Nebadon, is a very long journey but the Father has readied a multitude of rest stations along the way, equipped beyond your wildest imaginations with the “survival kits” and all necessary clues to keep guiding the pilgrims of time to their eternal destination.


“Lesson by lesson, step by step, the human mortal unfolds his true being and learns to spread his/her wings to climb to the next level, and the next one.  Each time, qualified coaches and teachers are literally taking you under their wings, their spiritual wings. 


“We rejoice as we see our children try out their wings.  First, they discover that they do have wings, that they truly are spiritual beings heading to higher realms.  They also discover their connectivity, the fact that they truly have been equipped to work together, as a team.  Each member of the team shares his/her gifts with the others, thus multiplying the gifts exponentially.  The Father, in His loving wisdom, distributes His gifts to be shared by all.  You are gifted not only with the gifts embedded within yourself, but you are also gifted through the gifts that your siblings are manifesting. 


“Truth, Beauty, Goodness – and the resulting Love – are the universal gifts, meant to be manifested through each creature.  Start looking at the world with such inquisitive eyes, scouting for the gifts, like a child on a treasure hunt. 

“Start rejoicing with your whole heart in the gifts and talents of others as they are yours to be enjoyed.  A beautiful voice brings joy to many ears.  A beautiful artwork stirs deep emotions in the beholder. 


“What can I give today and how can I give it?” should be the question in the mind of my children at the onset of a new day.  Sometimes, you can give by receiving-- by allowing another being to gift you.  Sometimes your giving is in your active listening.  Sometimes, you give through your prayers.  You instigate the procedure which will make it easier for another to receive.  This is truly selfless love and yet, the wholeness of another being contributes to your wholeness and the wholeness of your world.”