Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, October 15, 2019



Thought Adjuster: “Each one of you is a child of the promise. You were seeded on this world to bloom wherever you were planted or wherever the trade winds of life transplanted you.

“Your life is a mystery to you. Does a seed know what its blooms will look like and that it is the repository for a designer fragrance? Humbly, it works its way upward through the dirt and drinks of the ambient moisture to break through the confines of its outer shell and reveal its floral magnificence for all to see, thus making its unique contribution to the exquisite botanical garden of creation.

“Does an earthbound caterpillar intuit that its calling is to fly?  Does it grasp that it is an evolutionary creature that will undergo a radical and game-changing metamorphosis?

“Isn’t it amazing that you are an enigma to yourself? The goal of your personal evolution is to unravel the mystery of your being and bring to the fore the perfection of your multi-faceted and multi-layered persona, saying prayers of gratitude for each new personality gift you get to unwrap along your journey.

“Instead of feeling discouraged by the immensity of the task at hand, be thrilled! What matters is that you harvest the promises held within each day—an exciting treasure hunt if you look at life this way.   

“You can be sure of one thing: Each unique gift you received from On High is to be multiplied by sharing. Each personality endowment is a gift to the world—even the entire cosmos. Do not greedily hoard your assets, as they would quickly depreciate and lose their appeal.

“A poet moves many hearts through the resonance of its poetry. A violinist pulls at the heartstrings of his audience by soulfully drawing a bow across the strings of his instrument. Each one of you has been abundantly blessed with unique gifts that forever keep on giving of themselves.”