Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Let us do a practical exercise today.  The entry door to the Stillness is to quiet your mind so that you can move out of your head into the fullness of your heart. 

“Start with setting your intention to do so.  Then do a mental countdown from 10 to 1 and bring your focus to your ‘spiritual’ heart—the hearth of your being—situated at the center of your chest. 

“It should not require any strenuous effort on your part.  Rather, since your cardio system is connected to your respiratory system, notice how your breathing slows down and relaxes.  You are on the right track!

“As your breathing slows down, your heartbeat follows suit, as a calm breathing indicates to your whole being that ‘all is well’ and that you are safe.  Affirm for yourself that ‘you are guided, guarded, and protected’—as you indeed are.  Whenever you dedicate quality time for an audience with the Divine, you can be sure that angelic sentinels are keeping you in a very safe spiritual zone.  They are your highly trustworthy protectors, abiding by their sacred oath to do so.

“Place now your undivided attention on the One and Only God—your Heavenly Father.  Be certain that He instantly picks up on your sincere desire to commune with Him. In His universal awareness, the Father becomes aware of any tiny cell of His Organism that fully concentrates on Him.   

“Yet, you trigger much more than a subtle itch in His awareness.  You are more like the large head of a sunflower popping in His Field of Vision to bask in His warmth, thus recharging your auric field—a memorable turning point, as you are now emerging from your resistance ‘to let go and let God’.”