Oregon, US of A
Sunday, July 26, 2020

“Give the milk of truth to those who are babes in spiritual perception.  In your living and loving ministry serve spiritual food in attractive form and suited to the capacity of receptivity of each of your inquirers.”  [UB 133:4:2]

Thought Adjuster: “A thriving spiritual life rests on a solid foundation of truth, able to bear the weight of additional layers of truth disclosure. No matter the pace of your spiritual evolution, by picking up on the leadings of truth, you will find your way back to Its Infinite Source, making headways through the thick cover of deception and confusion.  

Truth must be wisely meted out in servings proportionate to your spiritual appetites. Too much, too soon, would trigger an overdose. 

At the elementary stage of your education, you learn to master the calligraphy of each letter of the alphabet, before being taught how to link them together in sentences instrumental in conveying all sorts of informational data. 

You all are at different stages of your spiritual development, which requires customized soul nutrients. Just as it inconceivable to feed solid food to a toothless infant, it would be highly counterproductive to ignore its most pressing soul needs.

As your Indwelling Divine Fragment, I am in the best position to prioritize your spiritual needs and to ‘homeschool’ you to satisfy them. I am not promoting complacency on your part, as each lesson requires diligent homework. It is how you grow in your capacity to grasp more complex facets of the cosmic truth—always on a need-to-know basis.

An effective teacher is a good ‘profiler.’ He has to get to know what makes his students tick, accurately assess their strengths and weaknesses, and devise a learning curriculum that will benefit them, instead of being ‘way over their head.’  

Proceed similarly with your peers. Help fill some gaps in their understanding and develop more appetite for spiritual enlightenment. It may, times and again, appear to be a hit-and-miss process, but every miss helps make valuable course corrections in the right direction.”