Sunday, June 7, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, as you visualize the Purple Flame burning behind your heart, you are wondering what is the process behind all this?  A flame needs oxygen to burn bright.  The divine flame within your heart needs to be fueled as well by the focus that you place on it.  You know that it is within you but how bright do you allow it to burn?

“Do you only allow it to express itself as a small pilot light which is not turned up to its full potential? Or do you strengthen it and empower it through your focused intentions?  Yours is to pick which light switch you will activate and which one you won’t.  Many circuits are accessible to you if you only turn your interest and intention toward them.  The Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, your Divine Fragment, are all connected to the highest spiritual influences of the universe and they are all accessible to you.

“Can’t you see which amazing connective web is thus coming into being and what an amazing potential it contains?  Beam from your heart your desire to be activated in these multiple circuits and to have access to their wisdom and amazing energies.  The more willing you are to shine your light out into the world, the more voltage will be added unto it as you will become a conduit for the Divine to be made more visible.

“The light of your soul will emanate from your being when you live a love filled life of service.  Love and Service are the sacred codes which launch your life on another plane, a dimension where everything is connected and is in mutual service; this is the dimension of Light and Life; this is the dimensions where all the dormant gifts and possibilities are being activated for the Highest Good.”