Oregon, US of A
Sunday, May 1, 2016
“Prayer has been the ancestor of much peace of mind, cheerfulness, calmness, courage, self-mastery, and fair-mindedness in the men and women of the evolving races.” [UB 998:03]
"Dear child, you asked Me to elaborate on the above quote. Truly, prayer plays—or should play—an essential role in human lives. Whenever life disturbs your inner peace by placing challenges in your way—just like a stone hurled in a peaceful lake shatters its smooth surface—Peace is needed to restore Peace. It is the only way to slow down and eventually put an end to the emotional ripple effect of your troubled emotions.
“Yes, challenges bring to the surface of your being a multiplicity of complex emotions—fear being one of them. Ever since the first human beings walked on the surface of the earth, fear has become part of the human emotional make-up as they had to deal with many life threatening situations in order to survive against the forces of nature or not to fall prey to animal or human predators.
“Whenever something “fearful” occurs in your life, the first question you ask in disbelief is “What now?” What humans need to realize is that they can take inner shelter from these threatening elements. They can go within and disconnect themselves momentarily from the turbulence of these hostile forces.
“In such overwhelming situations, Prayer would be the first “reasonable” step to take. You have to your disposal expert spiritual advisers that are always in stand-by—some type of spiritual emergency teams. In order to put out emotional fires, you can enlist a team of celestial volunteers—i.e. Beings of Light that make themselves available 24/7 to come to your rescue.
“Sadly, many human beings are disconnected from this spiritual “Real-ity” and struggle immensely with their life conditions as they are not equipped to singly deal with such life cataclysms. In such moments, they feel utterly lonely, powerless, and at the end of their wits.
“Prayer is the channel of communication with the Mighty Divine Forces. It is the 911 call that YOU have to place. Yet, other numbers are available to you at all times. Your life does not only consist of emergencies. It also becomes meaningful when you cultivate meaningful relationships. At the core of your being, dwells a Divine Fragment that can connect you with your divine relatives. You have to initiate these connections. Cosmic circuits are in place to allow you to do so—instantly, beyond time and space.
“Prayer is your humble admission that you need some higher mentoring and that your heart is longing to be filled with the Love it has been conceived to contain in order to no longer run on empty.
“By initiating prayerful and honest conversations with your celestial family, you will be welcomed with open hearts and open arms. Who would not long for such a comforting association? Rather than resorting to chemicals, medications, drugs, alcohol, etc. to artificially regain your peace of mind by numbing it, give Prayer a chance and witness the magic it will bring into your life. Can you fathom the transformative power of prayer? Aren’t peace of mind, cheerfulness, calmness, courage, self-mastery and fair-mindedness a wonderful and priceless make-over? How can you resist such a loving offer? Give it a try. It is free.”