Oregon, US of A
Saturday, May 25, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “All beings are energy in motion—e-motion. At the human level of your experience, it is undeniable.  Each one of you makes spur-of-the-moment decisions often prompted by seemingly irrepressible emotional surges, due to your spiritual and emotional lack of maturity.

“In the course of your material life, many of you will travel up and down the spiritual/emotional ladder—a telltale sign of your spiritual progress or regress.  Your ascent will reward you with sublime feelings of joy and peace.  Your descent, if unsupervised, may cause you to slide down to the bottom rung of the emotional ladder to be held hostage by depression and despair, after having squandered much of your precious energetic quota in entertaining negative emotions.

“What you witness in you or around you, are bi-polarized emotional states.  Many of you operate on a hazardous auto-pilot mode, without realizing that they are not in command of their earthly vehicle. They fuel it with a fossil-type of detrimental energies, over-saturating their highly sensitive frequencies with blame, resentment, anger, bitterness, and anger while fooling themselves into believing that they are righteous.

“It is at the Antipodes of Jesus’ noble demeanor while subjected to the relentless attacks of negative-minded individuals or challenging circumstances.  He fueled His spirit with the premium and ever-renewable clean energy of Love—the driving force of Love in Action.  Never did He contribute to the festering brew of unloving emotions, nor did let their splashes defile his unblemished soul.  He lived in a state of keen alertness, continually monitoring the vital signs of His state of mind and heart.

“When under attack, He maintained His emotional balance by turning to the Source of Love so as never to run dry.  In dire circumstances where many would throw in the towel, He remained plugged into the infinite Love Circuit.  His last breath left His body such a pure dove soaring toward ethereal realms. 

“Be mindful of how you feed your being.  Disconnect from harmful thoughts that detrimentally impact your emotional life and are contagious.  You do have a choice—just as Jesus did.”