Monday, February 5, 2018

“Can you not advance in your concept of God’s dealing with man to that level where you recognize that the watchword of the universe is progress?”  [UB 54:05]

Thought Adjuster: “How does the above statement apply to your human existence?  The very fact that you are evolutionary creatures holds the possibility to either progress or regress.  Evolution implies change and movement and is subjected to your free-will prerogative.  Therefore, you determine personally in which direction the ‘winds of change’ blow in your life. 

“A ship captain has to remain ever aware of the fluctuating weather patterns and the movements of the ocean.  His purpose is not to merely keep his boat afloat, it is to steadily steer it toward its port of destination. 

“How do you lead your life?  Are you merely holding on for dear life, viewing your current home port as a very hostile and frightening place?  What good does it do you to just ‘survive’?  You have been conceived to achieve so much more during your limited stay in this world.  Therefore, manage your time wisely so as to promote your own rewarding ‘forward’ evolution.

“Your body naturally evolves from babyhood to adulthood; yet, you have an influence on its condition, on the way you treat or mistreat this precious vessel.  Your mind also ‘evolves’ based on your attitude toward it:  Are you thirsty for more truth and knowledge or are you ‘mentally’ idling, depleting your mental acuity for lack of use?  What about your emotional evolution?  Are you consciously uprooting the destructive emotional weeds of anger, hate, jealousy, resentment, pride, and greed?  Or are you constantly refueling these toxic energies? 

“You have control of the rudder of your life.  Are you steering clear of deadly coral reefs and skillfully heading toward the promises of the vast open sea?  These questions are the most impactful ones to ask yourself.  By coming to the realization that your skiff is dangerously straying off its intended course, you can turn it around.  Surely, it will initially require a great investment of your willpower, but be assured that it will quickly regain its forward momentum and that the divine winds will happily fill your sail.  You will have ‘progressed’ and you will feel the deep contentment issued from such personal accomplishments.”