Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, March 20, 2018

“The Father in Heaven has forgiven you even before you have thought to ask him, but such forgiveness is not available in your personal religious experience until such a time as you forgive your fellow men.  God’s forgiveness in fact is not conditioned upon your forgiving your fellows, but in experience it is exactly so conditioned.” [UB Paper 146:2.4] 

Thought Adjuster: “You are asking for feedback on the about quote.  Indeed, the topic of Forgiveness is a challenging one for human beings.  Why is it so?  It is due to the fact that they are not Godlike YET.  If they were, Forgiveness would come naturally to them, as Unconditional Love is All-Forgiving. 

“Take a moment to ponder that statement.  If you love someone ‘unconditionally’, you love the whole package deal—for better and for worse’.  You appreciate his endearing qualities and are willing to put up with his temporary flaws, understanding that both God and the individual willing, such irritating flaws are bound to be erased over time during the lengthy and meticulous assemblage of his emerging Godlikeness.

“Therefore, it is a ‘fact’ that you can take the Father’s Forgiveness for granted.  Yet, if you are deeply moved by the Father’s magnanimous forgiveness of your spiritual debts, you will be led to express your gratitude by treating others in the same fashion.  How could you ever become Godlike otherwise?  By forgiving unconditionally—without any strings attached—you are taking your first steps toward unconditional Love.  

“You may have kept an inventory of all the offenses perpetrated against you by this individual and deem that he is coming very short of deserving your magnanimity.  Yet, what about you?  How come you so readily accept such an undeserved debt-forgiveness from the One you probably offended the most in your ignorance, stubbornness, and immaturity?  Aren’t these the very arguments put forth in your defense—the attenuating circumstances that you plead in good faith and that are already known to the Father?

“Why then shouldn’t you look at your siblings in a similar fashion, thus developing a compassionate heart toward them and learning not to take their offenses so personally so as not to turn your life into the stage of a never-ending painful drama?

“Dear ones, turn within and ask for Divine Assistance in the forgiveness process.  Whether or not your brother begs you to forgive his offenses toward you should make no difference, as the scale should already be tipping in his favor on the side of unconditional love.  You too should become able to forgive before he even asks and if and when he finally asks, your heart will be already wide open to hold him in a loving embrace as your prodigal brother.”