Oregon, US of A
Saturday, February 16, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “When you come to Me to bask in My Presence and pick up on My silent leadings, the best way to activate this sought out connection is to appease your entire being.  Sit still; slow down your breathing, and shut down your unruly mental chatter.  Isn’t it how you would proceed if you were to attend a conference where the esteemed guest speaker only speaks with his ‘indoor voice’? 

“The most impactful truth is not the one indiscriminately shouted from the rooftops, but the one intimately whispered to your heart when you are an engaged listener, intent on not overhearing a single word.  Public broadcasts may be heard by all, but depending on their state of receptivity, most will only selectively register a minor portion of the announcement, discarding the rest as irrelevant. The thrust of the message will be increasingly watered down or distorted through the hearsay process, as men are prone to take things out of their initial context, zooming in on what they agree with, while tuning out what makes them feel uncomfortable by not fitting within the parameters of their current inner or outer world views.

“Condition your hearts and minds before accessing My Presence.  Reassert your intentions to spend some quality time with Me—and it will be so.  Forget about time and space, as they only limit your experience.  Instead, meditate of infinity—the infinity where I hailed from and where you shall spend eternity with Me—yours willing.”