Oregon, US of a
Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, focus on the silence and you will notice that it is speaking to you.  Going within in the silence of your soul--your inner sanctum-- detaches you from the outward sounds and distractions of the world through your physical senses.  Isn’t it amazing that by closing the eyes, the other senses become more acute?  The more you shut out your physical senses during your Stillness time, the more your sixth sense, the sense of intuition becomes activated and your ability to receive is sharpened.

“Whenever you host a social event, you prepare the setting for the event with love and care so that the participants can be touched in their hearts and can experience a meaningful moment.  Whenever you engage in your meditation time, you too condition your space so as to be accessible to the spiritual beings from higher realms to which you are sending your invitation.  It is good to be discerning in that act of sending out invitations so as to draw into your space only those who truly can exert a positive influence in your spiritual education. 

“Many claim to have Teachers and it is a fact.  Yet, it is essential to scrutinize the level of input from your Teachers.  Do their messages lift you up or do they instill fear and lower frequencies in your emotional being?  Do their lessons make your heart sing or do you feel depressed and disheartened by their interpretations? 

“Chose your Teachers carefully; chose your friends carefully.  They are the spiritual influences that you allow in your life.  Do not open the door to troublesome associates.  Anchor yourself in Love and Light as they will attract similar vibrations.  Always remember that you have the free will power to approve or to disapprove of what life places in your way, to embrace it or to reject it.”