Focus on Love
Oregon, US of A
Friday, January 9, 2015

Thought Adjuster: “Dear one, the Father’s Love, the force beyond human comprehension which cascades through all of His creation, becomes available to you through the many hearts which are open to receive it and pass it forward.  By its very nature, Love cannot be greedily stashed away in one’s heart.  It is heart expanding and its overflow pours out of your heart to touch other hearts.  Love is the true objective of the entire creation.  Focus your heart on Love and it will tame your mind to follow its leadings.  The mind cannot make informed decisions if it processes life on its own.  It has to search for the advice of the heart that always has the highest good “at heart”.


“Even in your own life endeavors, the best standard of decision making is to “follow your heart” as your heart possesses the inner knowledge of your calling, of what makes it “tick”.  If you are in alignment with the wisdom of your heart, the quality of your life will tremendously improve and you will feel “heartened” to keep moving forward in your life experiences as you will discover their thrills. 


“A closed heart cannot experience such an uplifting quality as it is disconnected from the loving Source of its being and is truly wasting away, deprived of the divine subsistence.  Work at keeping your heart open at all times.  Become aware of the moments when you tend to recoil within yourself and cut the circulatory flow of Love.  The more you focus your consciousness on Love and its Golden Rule, the more you will be able to incorporate it in the content of your life and it will mightily “sweeten” each experience and each encounter.  Love begets Gratitude as heartfelt love puts you in a state of bliss.


Knowing your final destination (Paradise), be assured that your Divine Presence and your guides are constantly monitoring your progress and recalibrating your GPS [God Positioning System] whenever you get off course