Oregon, USA
Wednesday, February 10, 2021

“Jesus always insisted that true goodness must be unconscious in bestowing charity not allowing the left hand to know what the right hand does.” [UB, 140:8.26]

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus stressed the ‘unconscious’ nature of ‘true’ goodness because he witnessed first-hand the entitled attitude of those who boasted about their spiritual status, drawing attention to themselves—not to the One to whom they owed everything.

“In the story of the Pharisee and the publican praying in the temple, the one felt rich in spirit—egotistical; the other felt “poor in spirit”—humble. One was self-sufficient; the other was teachable and truth-seeking. The poor in spirit seek for goals of spiritual wealth—for God. And such seekers after truth do not have to wait for rewards in a distant future; they are rewarded now. They find the kingdom of heaven within their own hearts, and they experience such happiness now.” [UB, 140:5.7]

Jesus' direct or indirect teachings always pointed to the need to develop a compassionate heart instead of being fooled by intellectual misconceptions. His goodness was spontaneous. His tender heart's prompts led him to perform ‘good’ deeds with miraculous connotations. 

The Father does not suffer from Santa Claus Syndrome. He does not keep a petty balance sheet of good and bad deeds but always singles out the luminous threads of authentic goodness to weave them into the brocade of His kingdom of the hearts.

Practice goodness until you master it. Practice peace until you become it. No saying what you can accomplish once your eager soul on a quest for godlike experiences acquire both these charming qualities!”