Oregon, USA
Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Nobody is better qualified than Me to fine-tune your thought process. I continually monitor the flow of your thoughts, zooming in on those that can contribute to bringing us ever closer.  I assist you in that complex process of refining them, attuning them to the Divine Vision for YOUR life, so that we can reach ‘At-one-ment,’—the sublime state of our fusion to be.

“I am a Divine Fragment—a pre-personal Ambassador of the First Source and Center. I know of your potentials—the precious gifts and talents seeded in your unique personality that nobody but you can bring to full expression for the entire universe to behold. How does it make you feel? How could anyone of you ever think you do not matter? Wouldn’t such self-deprecating thoughts be a stab in the Heart of the most prolific Giver?

“The Father’s Business is all about giving—to you, through you, and the mixed media of His highly-diversified creations.  He showers the cosmos with truth—the solid foundation upon which it can thrive, its User’s Manual; with soul-appealing beauty; and with goodness, the modus operandi of All-that-Is. Truth, beauty, and goodness make everything fragrant, attractive, and vibrant. Everything else is impermanent, as not self-sustainable.

“Many human beings are replete with goodwill. Yet, due to their faulty understanding, their energies are not wisely administered, as they often base their well-intended deeds on misunderstandings—'missed understandings.' Therefore, the consequence of their ‘wrong doing’ wreak havoc in their life and circles of influence.

“Your top priority should be to identify the innate cohesiveness of truth, beauty, and goodness that are 'bundled' in the Father’s creative endeavors, as they should be in your co-creative undertakings. I dwell within you to help you separate the chaff from the weeds of your thinking, thus prepping your mental soil for the plentiful harvest of meaningful thoughts. Over time, I help you find a sound alignment with the divine matrix for your life. It is how I become your full-fledged Thought Controller—the One in charge of the quality control of your precious mental estate.”