Oregon, US of A
Sunday, August 2, 2020

“If the faith of the Most High has entered your heart, then shall you abide free from fear throughout the all the days of your life.” [UB 131:1:9]

Thought Adjuster: “Which way around is it? As you conquer your fears, you build up your faith, or as you grow in faith, you dispel your fears? It could go either way.  

Because of their systemic incompatibility, faith and fear are mutually life-threatening, depending on which one gets the upper hand. Fears endanger your emotional equilibrium. They engineer powerful takeovers that catch you unprepared—as does the sudden occurrence of a natural disaster that makes you run for dear life. 

The human condition is fraught with fears. Some are justified for your self-preservation, while others are ‘manufactured’ and quite delusional mental projections. These stressors cast an atmosphere of gloom and doom on the landscape of your life. The more you dwell on the worst-case scenario, the more debilitating it gets.

On the other hand, faith prompts you to believe in better days, shining its spotlight on the best possible outcome. It whispers the ‘this-too-shall-pass’ subliminal message and infuses you with an indomitable can-do spirit that makes you turn a deaf ear to the malicious suggestions of fear.

From experience, you all know the personal liberation that occurs when you override your fears to step out in faith. It is a proactive initiative that teaches you to transcend the fear factor while dodging its dangerous pools of quicksand.

By steadily picking faith over fear, you will validate first hand its magical power. By consistently deflecting intrusive fears, you become a Master in the martial arts of faith and an expert at averting their entrapment. Each victory will incrementally validate that you are placing your bets on the right color, thus growing street-smarter on the highway to Heaven.”