Oregon, US of A
Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, as you reflect upon the various chapters of your life journey, you come to realize how rich the curriculum has been.  You could never have envisioned the places and the experiences that your life has offered you so far.  Don’t you recognize the amazing resourcefulness of the Father who took you from where you were born to where you are now, sometimes in spite of your own insecurities?  The Father knows which gifts and talents He bestowed upon you and this is why life circumstances have to present themselves in the field of your vision in order to expand it and to unlock your dormant potential.

“Growth is measured by how well you are integrating in your being higher values and higher emotions.  The whole scheme of creation is about Love and Gratitude.  Love and gratitude are intimately connected with one another.  A love filled heart sings a constant song of gratitude which literally rises to the Heavens, like incense on an altar.

“Life trainings are meant to help you connect with the Love Substance which flows freely throughout the universes and is meant to infuse everything, every being and every action.  As you consciously strive to live a love filled life, you are coming into your own divine essence and adding it to the already amazing mix of love infused beings who selflessly share of themselves to uplift their less fortunate siblings and bring them to higher understanding and to a new way to look at their own life circumstances and challenges.

“The Father tests those He loves as it is how they get in touch with their inner strength and fortitude.  This is how they come to realize that there is always room for more growth.  Challenges teach you how to think out of the box, how to acquire additional spiritual tools in order to bring a positive resolution to these challenges.  Challenges are also there to make you aware of your creativity as it does take creative thinking to find solutions. 

“Take the time to ponder your life journey and to recognize the lessons of each chapter of your life.  The Father is patient and is not overwhelming you with an impossible curriculum.  Instead, each challenge serves as a foundation for the next lesson to come, and the next one. 

“The Father simultaneously works at expanding your mind, your heart and your soul and this expansion has to be balanced so as not to create adverse effects.  A state of equilibrium is what needs to be maintained.  A stool needs three legs to stand on so as not to tip over.  Similarly, each being has to stand on a strong foundation in order to be able to build upon it.  This is why some individual worlds are crashing at times as they are not resting on a solid foundation.  These crashes are blessings in disguise as they point to the reset button which is available at all times with the Father’s forgiveness.  Each new day is a blank page, a new slate where you can practice your skills so as to hone them and get closer to the desired state of mastery.  Once you master a lesson, you won’t have to repeat it and you will be led to the next one in line.”