Oregon, US of A
Sunday, April 12, 2015

“Consciousness of divinity is a progressive spiritual experience” The Urantia Book pg 141


Thought Adjuster: Dear child, when you read that sentence in your morning study, you stopped to ponder its content and it made sense to you – based on your own experience.  Yes, dear child, as you strive to build a connection with the Divine within you and around you, you notice that the process takes time and a constant desire to establish such living relationships with the Divine.  Any relationship--be it human or divine, takes time as you cannot know a person or personality instantly.  There are so many layers within each personality, so many treasures.


“Life is truly a treasure hunt, especially at the spiritual level.  The Father does not throw pearls to the swine.  His gifts are so precious that they are being bestowed upon His children with a loving parental discernment as so many gifts could be turned into curses by an immature human recipient.


“Any relationship has to be nurtured for it to strive. The Divine wishes to enter your being but will always wait for your invitation to do so as He will never trespass.  A trespasser is not welcome and it is not the right basis for a loving connection.  As you express your desire to know Divinity, you create an opening in your being and you consciously initiate the relationship.


“A successful relationship involves not only to get to know more about the other party, but also to reveal more about oneself.  It is a conscious giving and receiving, making oneself vulnerable to the other party by opening one’s heart.  At the same time, it is being receptive to taking in what the other party shares with you.  A great relationship is a balanced relationship where the giving and the receiving naturally flow into one another.


“Think of your best friendships.  They are uplifting to you as you feel listened to and, at the same time, you are discovering more common denominators between you and your friend as you listen to their input and their sharing of themselves.


“So is your relationship with the Divine.  You are expressing your desire to take it to the next level and the next one, as relationships are not static and keep morphing and evolving.  They too start as embryos that need to be nurtured with love.  If a relationship is not cultivated and nurtured, it will be aborted, never blooming into its full and beautiful manifestation.


“Many human children would like to have a relationship with the Divine but fail to go the extra mile.  They know how to ask but fail to extend themselves in giving.  Their relationship with the Divine falls flat for lack of loving drive.  The more you give of yourself as a trusting child, the more the Father’s heart is touched and stirred. 


“Relationship cannot take place when the desire is missing from the equation.  Friendships are like magnets drawing two personalities closer to one another.  So is the relationship with the Divine.  The longing of the Divine never ceases but the relationship can only become real when the child expresses his/her own genuine longing.  Little by little, through the precious time spent in communion, more is being revealed to the child about his/her divine origin and it becomes part of his/her spiritual experience.


“As you get to know another personality, you also get to correct any original projection or misconception you may have had about that personality.  As it is harder to know the Divine, that too takes time but, looking back at your life journey, you can clearly see how your perception of the Divine has been shifting and evolving and has become more tangible and more real as you are spending precious time, each day, in the Presence and you are becoming increasingly in touch with that Driving Force.


“The more you become conscious, the more you know and this knowingness validates your spiritual experience.”