Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, June 19, 2018


“Belief may not be able to resist doubt and withstand fear, but faith is always triumphant over doubting, for faith is both positive and living.” [UB 1125:02]
Still Small Voice: “I AM your Divine Indweller. I AM the torchbearer of the Father’s Light within you. I AM not a figment of your imagination. Rather, I am as real as it gets, as I am the Divine Fragment whose mandate is to bring you back to the Father’s Bosom in a state of ever-greater perfection.
“As you grow in Godlikeness, the demarcation line between us fades away, as your thinking, feeling, and doing come to reflect My own and any inner conflicts are dissipated. Indeed, conflicts demonstrate a state of disharmony and inner resistance that prevents you from being ‘in the flow’.
“Your mind has a need to adhere to belief systems, as you are intelligent beings who intuit that there is a purpose behind everything and anything—your very existence included. It is part of the human condition to be on a quest for meanings, as you are meant to live meaningful lives. Yet, until your belief system is firmly rooted in absolute Truth, it will remain shaky and generate doubt—a good thing after all, since you should not espouse lightly any belief system, as they have lasting repercussions in your life.
“Many of you are plagued by disempowering doubts and debilitating fears—many of them of an irrational nature. Yet, the side effects of such unrealistic fears are very real in your emotional body. Such is the creative power of your vivid imagination.
“Let us now consider the impact of faith—the ‘positive and living’ faith that stands in contrast with doubt and fear. Indeed, whereas doubt and fear are slowing you down by applying invisible and, yet, powerful brakes in your life, faith is forever propelling you forward—bravely and courageously ignoring the sneaky voices of doubt and fear that intend to rob you of your confidence and can-do-spirit and overriding these negative operating systems.
“Only ‘living’ faith can propel you forward. If you let adversity snuff out the guiding light of faith, you are pretty much left on your own to deal with the dead weights of doubt and fear. Indeed, such mental and emotional attitudes weigh heavily on your shoulders. Faith is what liberates you from their downward pull. Faith is what uplifts you and exerts a very effective counterforce. Rather than feeding your fears, nurture your faith, as it constantly whispers to you words of hope and encouragement: “This too shall pass; you can do it! I am proud of you!” Faith is the Father’s spokesperson in so many positive ways. Listen to its urges and ignore the somber voices of the ‘nay-sayers’ an ‘nay-doers’—birds of ill omen.”