Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, March 13, 2019

“Unreasoned fear is a master intellectual fraud practiced upon the evolving mortal soul.” [UB 556:04]

Thought Adjuster: “Fear is a highly debilitating emotion that is very ‘trendy.’  What I mean by ‘trendy’ is that none of you seems to be immune to its brutal takeover.  It affects you physiologically.  It grips your guts, shortens your breath, speeds up your heartbeat, drenches you in cold sweat, makes the hair raise at the back of your neck, triggers debilitating brain-freeze, and hinders your ‘response-ability’—your ability to take effective countermeasures. 

“The above statement refers to ‘unreasoned’ fear, which implies that there is another more rational type.  For instance, you have to deal with your fear of failure before leaving your comfort zone by going out on a limb, wondering whether you will come to regret or applaud such a daring move.

“In such cases, you need to reason with these reluctant emotions, giving them a voice to plead their case.  To do so, find a quiet and undisturbed place, where you can ‘safely’ turn within to hold this critical inner conference and stack the odds in favor of a successful outcome.  After making the right decision, you will experience a great sense of peace.

“Such is not the case when dealing with ‘unreasoned fears,’ blown out of proportion by your overactive and overstimulated imagination.  Those are detrimental both to you and others, as such runaway emotions are irrational and virulent.  In their dysfunction, they either cling to unresolved past issues or parasitically project themselves to unrealistic future scenarios, as they are not rooted in your current reality. 

“Yours is to learn to debunk what is real from what is not.  It will save you a lot of personal trauma.  There are enough legitimates fears to keep you on your toes and propel you in your progressive evolution.”