Oregon, US of A
Friday, June 26, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Many erroneously believe that they will miraculously and instantly land on the Shores of Paradise after departing from their native soul nursery soil. The higher-vibrational realms of the ‘after-life’ abound in out-of-this-world beauty, and access is granted on merit.  The current state of your inner life will determine where your next residency will take place.  Your resume's thorough and merciful scrutiny will be conducted on High to evaluate which living arrangements are best fitted to meet your actual spiritual needs—instead of humoring your unrealistic wants.  Much weight will be given to the degree of inner peace and harmony you have come to embody in the grueling training ground of your ‘before-life.’

Those looking at the outer world with hostility and fear will have to diligently tackle their incomplete ‘homework’ by enlisting into remedial classes to shift their negative attitude.  A heavy heart—no matter how exhilarating its surroundings might be—dulls your sensory experiences.  How many times have you driven along a scenic road with an ‘absentee mind’ whose preoccupations prevented you from taking in the spectacular panorama?  In contrast, on days when your heart is chirping songs of gratitude, the ambient beauty synergizes its elation feelings.

YOU are the landscaper of your inner world—a tiny principality among the unfathomable and ever-growing number of those to be annexed to the Heavenly Empire.  It has nothing to do with dictatorial takeovers but everything with voluntary and heartfelt pledges of allegiance. 

As a prospective resident, you have been assigned an inner plot and provided with the means to develop it into beautiful, emotional living quarters—a place fit for Divinity to cohabitate with you.

I AM the Legitimate King of your inner castle. There is no kingdom without a king, is there?  However, I propose to you to be my eternal consort—not just a loyal subject.  Can you fathom what it means?

Neighborhoods reflect the mentality of their residents—so does the state of affairs of your inner world. Your creative imagination and the wise activation of your willpower are prerequisites for its development and how your presence will be perceived by the neighborhood—a decrepit eyesore or a stunning head-turner?

Would you feel at home if you were given a sneak preview of the life conditions in higher realms or feel out of place because you cannot vibrationally withstand their high frequencies? Your primary focus should be to elevate your vibrations by acquiring self-mastery—thus earning your full residency status in such upscale spiritual gated communities.”