Oregon, US of A
Saturday, June 20, 2015

Teacher:  “Dear child, we heard your questions.  Each one of your brothers and sisters are just like you, doing their best to understand the world they live in.  Inquiring minds are being led to the next stage of their understanding as it is sometimes not possible to bring them straight to 100% unadulterated truth. The truth each person can integrate is based on the foundation of his/her already existent understanding and the validation of his/her experience. 

“The understanding can shift based on new ranges of experiences and errors in interpretation can be corrected through that slow process of experiential validation or invalidation. The Father is patient with all His evolving children; you too need to be patient with your siblings, knowing that each one of them is being tutored individually or as part of a group of kindred souls. 

“Humility is the essential pre-requisite for spiritual Guidance.  Those who act as if they know-it-all are unfortunately just the opposite:  they are closed minded and this prevents their mind to expand as they are literally too full of themselves and this self-centered saturation prevents them to receive the refreshing living waters of more truth. 

“God is a resourceful Father; whatever the life scenario of His human children may be, He finds ways to get their attention so that they eventually stop in their misguided tracks and correct their course.  Each human understanding is fraught with some errors and misinterpretations as human beings have to make sense from their limited perspective of events that seem disconnected. 

“However, it is only an appearance as the Father is at all times working on the all encompassing big picture, the eternal goal of His creation.  Harvesting truth is like picking the flowers from the weeds.  The flowers manifest beauty while the weeds only multiply themselves randomly, threatening at times to choke the flowers.  “Each one of you has to tender to his/her own garden and, with the assistance of Spirit, can become an expert at unearthing the truth from the lies.  The more you are in alignment within yourself, the more you will be receptive to information which supports this harmonious alignment.  A calm mind and a peaceful heart are what are needed.  Peer pressure does not present the optimal condition for the decisions that only you can make for your life journey.  The Father never exerts pressure on His children as He wishes for them to develop at their own healthy pace.  Growth takes time in order to become integrated in the being.  This is what it is all about:  Expansion, not explosion.”