Oregon, US of A
Sunday, February 4, 2018

“Jesus made it plain that he had come to establish personal and eternal relations with men which should forever take precedence over all human relationships…. The only reward he held out for his children was:  in this world—spiritual joy and divine communion; in the next world—eternal life in the progress of the divine spirit realities of the Paradise Father.”  [UB Paper 141, Section 7]

Thought Adjuster: “As you are settling in the Stillness, you pick up on the noisy honks of migrating skein of geese.  Wherever they are heading, they do not waver, never to be seen zigzagging aimlessly in the sky.  What does that tell you?  Animals have been very precisely ‘programmed’.  They live in well-structured societies within their own species while cohabitating with other animal cultures. 

“By observing the widespread state of disharmony that plagues the human species and how much chaos it generates at the planetary level, it is obvious that humankind has been seriously ‘deprogrammed’ by the iniquitous agendas promoted by the Lucifer rebellion.  Ever since, due to such a debilitating spiritual legacy, humankind had to painstakingly grope its way forward. 

“Your Master Jesus, a Divine Son, came to ‘reprogram’ all of humanity—to reveal to each one of you the sacred divine codes embedded within you. You have a lot in common with the animal kingdom, as you share the same material environment.  However, unlike them, you have been equipped for eternal life, which can only be achieved by getting in touch with your spiritual selfhood. 

“Your spiritual side is the access door to the rewards of “spiritual joy and divine communion” that you can already experience while in physical form.  Have you tasted them yet?  If not, what can you do to reach that blissful state?  How do you need to restructure your life to awaken this amazing part of you?  Obviously, it has to do with nurturing your relationship with the Giver of All and acting lovingly and compassionately toward your planetary ‘roommates’.

“By living with such an expanded awareness, you will start accumulating the ‘brownie points’ that are needed to qualify you for the reward of eternal life when your carnal envelope reaches its expiration date. 

“Do not be shortsighted in the way you lead your life!  Fill it with meanings and come to increasingly embody values, as they will determine your standing when you cross over.  You will forever be emotional beings, determining through your free-will decisions not only your spiritual standing but also your emotional ‘climate’.  By knowing that you have been programmed for joy and enthusiasm, learn to elevate your emotional frequencies in order to find your alignment with your original programming.”