Oregon, US of A
Sunday, June 28, 2020

“Personality is superimposed upon energy, and it is associated only with living energy systems; identity can be associated with nonliving energy patterns.”  [UB 0:5:4]

Thought Adjuster: “The scientific community has come to recognize the fact that everything is energy.  How else could it BE since the Great I AM set everything in motion?  How else could He create if it were not through the intentional and deliberate outpouring of His unfathomable energy, thus ‘breathing’ it into the matter to ‘animate’ it?

Thoughts are energetic entities that travel faster than the speed of light, as the Great Mind operates from Its remote Head- and Heart-quarter, located at the very core of creation.  Emotions are ‘e-motions’—energies in motion, as validated by the fact that you witness their moment-to-moment fluctuations within your being, based on the quality of your thinking.

Relationships are also energetic, as they are interactive.  A ‘dead’ relationship is an oxymoron.  The Force that sustains your existence leads a rich emotional life, 100% love-driven, which Its love unconditional.  Therefore, you can rest assured that the underlying creative intention is love and nothing but love. 

Sadly, by premeditatedly spreading his rebellious vibes, Lucifer took many unsuspecting bystanders down in his fall from divine grace, thus turning their souls into an endangered species.  He betrayed his sacred oath to be of higher service, shamelessly taking over planetary territories entrusted to him as a Planetary Prince.  He broke the chain of custody of love, stripping his decisions from love, empathy, and compassion.  He shrunk his emotional life to the small scale of his overinflated ego. 

To reclaim your status of light beings, reconnect with Me, your Inner Pilot Light.  I will provide you with an unlimited supply of golden threads of love that we will skillfully weave as embellishments into the tapestry of your life.”