Oregon, USA
Tuesday, February 23, 2021

“The kingdom of heaven consists in these three essentials: first, recognition of the fact of the sovereignty of God; second, belief in the truth of sonship with God; and third, faith in the effectiveness of the supreme human desire to do the will of God—to be like God. And this is the good news of the gospel: that by faith every mortal may have all these essentials of salvation.” [UB, 140:10.9]

Thought Adjuster: “Because time was of the essence in his earthly ministry, Jesus infused his words with everlasting meanings. It is why they remain forever truthful and impactful. He did his best to depict a realistic picture of how to be granted asylum in the spiritual promised land for which all souls are longing.

Do you enthrone God in the chamber of your heart? Do you celebrate your spiritual family ties? Do you understand that it is only by doing His will that you become like Him? It sounds simple. Yet, it requires that you diligently and painstakingly eliminate your character flaws.

Jesus divulged that faith provides the rudiments of salvation—faith in God and the inspired leadings of the Spirit of Truth. The Kingdom of the Heart is an equal opportunity for those willing to pledge undivided allegiance to its benevolent Ruler—The One who knows the end from the beginning; who knew you before you were even conceived; who has your best interest at heart.  Isn’t it sufficient ground to trust Him?

Apply yourself to developing your inner kingdom by being very clear about its substance. Outstanding accomplishments take determination and focused attention.  Make your life work count by 'faithfully' implementing Jesus’ spiritual guidance.  He successfully inaugurated the inner Kingdom of the Heart and is inviting all errant souls to migrate into it and populate it.”