Oregon, EE de A
Tuesday, August 6, 2019

“No religionist may hope to attain the enlightenment of immortal wisdom who persists in being slothful, indolent, feeble, idle, shameless, and selfish.” [UB 1447:02]

Thought Adjuster: “Enlightenment does not come as a freebie. It is too precious of a commodity to be squandered. The means leading to enlightenment are readily made available to all. The question is: Are you taking advantage of them?

“The Father has no favorites. He has high expectations for each one of His children and makes available to them the spiritual influences that will cause their mind and heart to be quickened and nurtured by Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

“Sadly, many are complacent about their spiritual development. Even though many of their questions remain unanswered, they entertain the wrong assumption that, once they cross over the threshold to the after-life, they will be magically propelled into a blissful state of Light and Life. How could it be? What could suddenly unlock their stubbornly closed mind and heart?

“Do not forget that no one but you can make the free-will decision to follow the path of enlightenment. You will remain stuck at a spiritual crossroad until YOU decide to walk the walk. It is this spiritual quest—one baby step at a time—that will bring you ever closer to enlightenment.

“Certainly, the Light is always shining from above. What good does it do you if you stubbornly turn your back to it, complaining about the ambient darkness to which you contribute through your passivity?

“Wisdom comes to those who pursue it, not to those who ‘unwisely’ expect for it to land in their lap. By now, you should know that happiness is a pursuit as well. How could it be any different since it depends on your pro-active attitude? What you rightfully earn, contributes to your happiness, as you appreciate the fruit of your dedication and perseverance.

“Ask questions about what perturbs you. Those are the door-openers to your growing enlightenment. Do not settle for ‘just-because’ unsatisfying answers—the cope-outs of so-called religious ‘leaders’ who have not done their homework and, yet, are branded as spiritual authorities. Jesus never uttered such weak answers. He always got His understanding straight from the most reliable and knowledgeable Source through spiritual communion with His Father in meditation. His many questions took Him to the state of “enlightenment of immortal wisdom”—wisdom He freely imparted to those preoccupied with similar fundamental life issues.”