Oregon, US of A
Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk some more about the incredible powers of your breath.  It can serve as a soothing modality to cope with tumultuous emotional and mental states.  By consciously slowing down your breathing, you can effectively quiet down the adverse ripple effect that strong emotional surges trigger in all the complex strata of your being. As well, your breath can serve as a gateway to the ethereal realms of Spirit.  Sadly, such potential remains hugely untapped, as many of you keep their backs turned away from unidentified and invisible spiritual realities, as they over-focus on the material world revealed to them by their physical senses.

“God is Spirit.  He surrounded Himself by Legions of Helpers to whom He delegated many of His creative endeavors. However, He is the One breathing life into the many creatures of His far-flung universe—thus animating them. 

“Pause a moment to contemplate your breath.  It is invisible—except on cold winter days when you can see the heat that it releases.  Use your breath to activate its inbuilt portal.  Inhale and exhale seven times through your nose; visualize that you are clearing all mental fogginess by inviting these breaths of fresh air to move through your brain and oxygenate it.

“Next, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth—seven times.  By doing so, envision that you are blessing your material surroundings with your new found mental clarity and that the cleansing of your mind translates itself into the brightening of your world—instilling it with the elements of Light and Life that are the attributes of the Divine Breath.

“Finally, breath in and out through your mouth—another seven times.  Visualize that your lungs act as a micro-filter for your outer reality.  Such a simple routine helps you bring down Heaven on Earth, your lungs being the designated Master of Ceremony.

“Repeat this exercise during your day.  It will keep you connected with the greater multidimensional framework and refresh you in spirit, mind, and body.  You will thus contribute to the subtle ‘butterfly effect’ that each one of you exerts on the spiritual atmosphere of your world.  Such a practice is both altruistic and self-serving, as it contributes to the Highest Good, which is all-inclusive. 

“Breath in Love; breath in Peace; breath in Light. Release them mindfully to bless All That Is.”