Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, February 17, 2015

“Divine Presence, I just read in the Urantia Book about the Love of the Father and the Mercy, i.e. Love in action, of the Eternal Son.  Again, thank you for this uplifting revelation, for setting the record straight and letting us know in no uncertain terms that the Father is all about LOVE and the Sons are all about MERCY.  These facts only could put us at ease in our quest for a meaningful relationship with the Divine."

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, you are right in this realization.  As you look back upon some periods of your life, you come to realize that the anguish that you felt, the feelings that were separating you from your loving Presence, were only a figment of your programmed imagination.  So many minds and souls have been and are still being manipulated on this planet so as to serve the ulterior motives of power seekers, devoid of love and compassion. 


“Your Master Jesus came to walk the earth in the shoes of a servant and with a Father’s heart.  Each loving parent follows the same path, serving the growth and development of his/her children with unconditional love, striving to guide them toward a meaningful life content.

“Guilt, shame and fear are such disconnected emotions, or rather disconnectors.  They numb the mind and handicap the soul, making it believe that it is worthless unless it follows someone’s dictatorship.  Dear one, the Father never dictates nor coerces.  He gave His children FREE WILL, trusting in their innate divine guidance, trusting that their God-given heart longings will push them in the right direction, just like a sunflower cannot but turn toward the warmth giving sun.

“Keep going within your heart so as to empower these divine instincts which are truly in alignment with your highest good.  The Stillness will settle any muddy waters and help you filter them through your gifts of discernment and intuition.  It is so necessary that each mortal creature spends time in contemplation and meditation so as to allow the flow of divine guidance.  No one is alone even though it may appear so when you live with this conviction.  The whole creation is interactive at such mind-blowing intricate levels.  Interact in your daily activities – with the Divine and with the human – and you will experience an amazing positive energy cursing through all the layers of your complex being.”