Oregon, US of A
Saturday, March 7, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear one, as the sun shines brightly outside this morning, your soul is smiling too.  Your heart has been expanding lately and you start feeling the emergence of the fruits of the Spirit within your being.  As you manifest in your being the fruits of the Spirit, you truly come to taste them as well – the Love that infuses a heart connected to the Divine, the Peace that stays with you and that you have been praying for.  That Peace lives within you when your heart is pure and when you start looking at life situations from a higher and more mature perspective, without getting entangled in the emotional drama. 

“Emotions constantly change, from thought to thought.  It is important that you be aware of where your thinking is taking you at all times, as your thinking is in the driver's seat and at times, if untamed, can take you into an emotional chaos from which it is hard to recover. 

“God created through His thinking.  This demonstrates the amazing creative power of a thought.  Sometimes, thoughts are just that, and remain in that realm.  But if expressed with an intention and clearly acted upon, they become manifested in your reality - they become real

“As humanity becomes aware of these creative powers, they can be coached to use them wisely and co-creatively with the Divine.  Then, all will be well. 

“It is so important for each individual to learn to go within and to hold a conference with his/her Divine Fragment in order to figure out which thoughts and actions are the best for him/her.”