Oregon, US of A
Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear Child, as you are thinking about healing energies and the power of gratitude, you come to understand that these wonderful energies are always available to be tapped into for the highest good of your loved ones or your own

“There are so many invisible energies that human beings are constantly tapping into, many times without discrimination.  Depression can be one of them and it literally pulls the individual down with its heavy charge.  Laughter is another one; this one is light and truly lifts your spirit while being a great catalyst to release out of your system any trapped energies of tension.  The whole emotional spectrum is an energetic scale.  Just as you have the free will to pick and choose the elements you put into your physical body, you also have the discernment to pick and choose feel-good emotions. 

“Sadly enough, many human beings are not aware of their options and allow dark emotions to prey on their moods and to ripple into diseases as they, eventually, come to manifest themselves in a material form – various physical ailments and the conditions of your physical life.

“You have the option to close your being to unwanted emotions instead of letting them invade your peace of mind due to your lack of awareness.  You have the option to select for yourself which higher emotions you want to feel so that you can manifest a happier and healthier reality in your life and your surroundings.

“Emotions are contagious.  They are frequently battling one another.  Who will win?  Will a depressive person drag others into depression as misery loves company, or will that person be receptive to the positive emotions of others and allow him/herself to be uplifted, taking advantage of higher emotional currents? 

“Again, the fact that you are not an isolated being has to be considered.  Isolation is not part of the Divine Plan.  Whenever you disconnect from others, you are opening the doors to unhealthy emotions as it is like cutting off the life-sustaining circulation.  Depressive people tend to go into emotional hibernation, retreating within themselves and away from society.  Therefore, it becomes harder and harder for them to extirpate themselves from this heavy emotional gravity.

“By reaching out to others, you enable them to lift you out of your depression as they are functioning at a higher vibratory level. By allowing them to share their higher vibrations with you, by activating give and take with them, you are opening yourself to receive the energies your being is craving in order to emerge from its funk.

“Surround yourself with positive people so that--by association, you eventually become contaminated by their attitude and, in turn, come to the rescue of those who are still in the dumps from where you emerged.  Such is the power of Love.”