Oregon, US of A
Saturday, January 28, 2017

Thought Adjuster:  “Your spiritual make-up mirrors your physical organism.  You have a brain that is the command center of your being and you have a heart that is at the core of your circulatory system.  Both have to function in order for you to be alive.  There are cases where individuals are brain dead, even though their heart is still beating.  Yet, when the heart stops beating, physical death occurs.

“On the spiritual level, you also have a brain and a heart that are meant to harmoniously collaborate.  Your emotional heart is your inner barometer.  Its moods fluctuate and, if they were unsupervised by your spiritual brain, you would be living in a state of constant moodiness that would adversely affect how you make your decisions. 

“You may believe that you freely make all your decisions.  Yet, if you stop and think, their underlying motivators such as fear, greed, lust... and more are invisible influences that control and enslave your free-will unbeknownst to you, if you are not living with emotional awareness.  

“It could be said that your emotional heart has its own brainpower that enables you to make reasonable decisions by tempering the emotions that catch you off guard.

“The best approach to sound decision making is to enter a meditative state to connect with Me, your most qualified spiritual Advisor, who always comes from a peaceful state that is immune to your human ups and downs.  My Peace is contagious.

“Once you have experienced the emotionally soothing inner shift that takes place during your Stillness time, you will attend to it more and more frequently.  Indeed, you have access to an inner spa—an emotional decompression chamber.  Use it as often.  It is your God-given prerogative and privilege.”