Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thought  Adjuster:  “Dear one, outstretched hands are the symbol of someone reaching out to the Divine or to others.  They symbolize a heart open to receive as what is felt in the inner is reflected in the outer.  Cause and Effect is a principle which ripples throughout the universes since the beginning of times.

“This world has to learn to identify unwanted causes by looking at the unwanted effects.  Staying on the surface of things does not change them.  Looking at the root is what provides meaningful answers that can be used to change the cause and, thus doing, to change the out-come. 

“Agents of change are those who have the ability to be introspective and investigative.  They are able to diagnose unbalanced situations and to ask relevant questions about them so as to find adequate remedies to them.  This is valid on all levels of existence. 

“By going within your own being whenever some un-ease is detected, you will become more and more able to get in touch with your true nature as you will always feel a pull toward the manifestation of your divine essence – your true nature.  By recognizing the clues of your own being, you will become able to make more informed decisions about your life journey by changing some of your inner patterns so as to bring forth more light out of your being.

“Just as Christ Michael had to experience for Himself the human condition in order to qualify for the sovereignty of His local universe, so can you gain meaningful higher wisdom from your life journey-- a wisdom which will propel you to higher realms of existence once you cross over. 

“Embrace your life at all levels.  Live with passion and the awareness that each moment is filled with opportunities for growth.  You can either override them by ignoring them or bite into them with a giant spiritual appetite so as to extract from them their God Substance, the highest soul nutrition.”