Oregon, US of A
Saturday, October 28, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us ponder how an Infinite Being can express Himself in His finite creatures?  Each one of you has been endowed with a unique personality, that reflects an infinitesimal facet of its Infinite Giver.  On your planet only, over two billion unique personalities are learning to get in touch with their true self and express it—each one having a unique and never to be replicated human experience.  Isn’t it mind-boggling?

Each one of you has his or her favorites in the countless areas that compose life:  your favorite season of the year, your favorite flower, animal, color, food, and much more.  In every domain of your life, you display likes or dislikes.  Yet, you are all meant to connect in oneness as you find your way back to the Heavenly Bosom.

From this perspective, shouldn’t you look differently at one another?  Friendships are for the most part based on similar likes or dislikes—the common denominators of the things that make you tick.  You are delighted when you meet someone with the same predilections.  Yet, as each of one evolves and changes, some of those resonances may become weaker over time as others become stronger. 

This is how you come to discover for yourself more of the rich character of the First Source and Center—your Heavenly Parent.  In the course of your eternal life’s journey, you will have bazillions of opportunities to get in touch with more of the attributes of the Father, as what He seeded in each of you will find a match in Him, yet without making Him divided within Himself. 

Diversity is God’s Master Plan toward a much greater Oneness.  Diversity is enriching and exciting.  Embrace diversity and, by doing so, much will be revealed to you on the inner.  These treasures are priceless as they expand your whole being by expanding your heart capacity.”