Oregon, US of A
Friday, January 16, 2015

Isabella: “Hello dear one, my name is Isabella and I am part of the group of your Teachers and Guides.  I am very conversant with your life situation and the challenges you are facing in your daily quest for sustainability.  At the same time, dear one, those challenges are bringing to your life aspects that are very meaningful and valuable.  How could you know that you are faithful, if your faith has never been tested?  How could you develop gratitude in your heart and soul, if life has spoiled you and made you take things for granted?


“Gratitude under difficult circumstances is the ability to zoom in — no matter what — on the true, the good and the beautiful, which are eternally available to all.  You may be destitute, even homeless and yet, you could still feel gratitude for your life experience as you come to witness your own growth taking place as you move through these life hurdles.


“A strong soul has to contribute to its own strength by being resilient and by harvesting the gems and nuggets contained in the most demanding of situations.  An easy life contributes way too often to spiritual indolence and does not support the individual in his/her spiritual growth.


“Life is about collecting as many experiences as possible on the material realm.  These experiences become part of who you are; they leave a mark on your character.  Your personal challenge — everyone’s personal challenge — is to extract the divine essence from difficult situations and to benefit from them, without allowing their perceived negative content to hold your soul hostage.


“The truth shall ALWAYS make you free.  Pray to the Spirit of Truth to make sense for you of those situations that are still a riddle.  Often,blessings are recognized much later as you come to realize that they transformed you and helped you in your personal metamorphosis.


“You are meant to be a magnificent divine being.  Life on this planet is your “boarding school,” your “universe-ity”.  You are being given a very precious education.  Live with awareness so as not to let opportunities of growth pass you by.  Surrender yourself daily to your Divine Guidance.  Eventually, by this faithful practice, it will become your first nature — your eternal true nature.”