Each Village Needs a Steeple
Oregon, US of A
Monday, January 30, 2017

Thought Adjuster:  Your body is much more than your physical habitat while you live your incarnation. It is a sanctuary.

“To those who take the time to turn within and to disconnect from their physical senses, a vast inner world opens up that was previously undetectable. It is ‘peace-filled’ and silent, which is the reason why its existence remained hidden behind the ambient noisiness of the outside world and your own mental chatter.

“Your inner temple is the meeting place between you and the Divine, if you intend for it to be. You will want to clean up your inner world to restore the sanctity of your temple. Just as Jesus chased away the businessmen who shamelessly and inappropriately conducted their transactions in His Father’s House, you too need to disconnect your being from its ‘busy-ness’ in order to gain access to your inner sanctum.

“The more frequently you go within to commune with your Divine Indweller and the other spiritual influences accessible to you, the higher and holier your inner atmosphere will become, and you will learn to constantly hold a space for Spirit within you. Spirit will no longer just be a casual acquaintance. Yours will become an actual and profound relationship—an eternal friendship that you will constantly nurture and that will provide you with the wise and loving feedback that you need to make sense of your life experience.

“Each village needs a steeple. Teach your small ego to bow down to your Higher Self and a new type of neighborhood will emerge that will keep appreciating. The neighborhood watchers will be able to keep out the unruly gangs and will attract those who are spiritually wealthy and who will do everything to safeguard the hard-earned peace.”