Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Definition: “A utopia is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens. The opposite of a utopia is a dystopia. One could also say that a utopia is a perfect "place" that has been designed so there are no problems.”

Thought Adjuster: “Peace on Earth is not an unrealistic vision, even though it somewhat fits in the definition of ‘utopic’ since such a state of perfect harmony has been conceived by the Divine Creative Imagination.  It is the Divine Vision for the entire creation that spans over myriads of evolutionary worlds—yours included.  Indeed, what the All-Loving Divine Creator envisions comes to pass.

“These days, much responsibility rests on the collective shoulders.  You are privy to staggering amounts of information—much of it of a revelatory nature.  Any divulged revelation complements, validates, or debunks the painstakingly acquired pool of human knowledge, in order to accelerate the planetary shift toward its mature state of Light and Life.  Such a ‘utopic’ state is not just the happy ending of a grueling evolutionary drama, but a happy beginning—the birthing of a brand-new, friendly, and peaceful environment that is meant to become the petri dish for amazing developments.

“How do you shift from dystopia to utopia?  It does require a positive shift in human consciousness.  As well, it requires that each cell of the greater human organism owns up to the part it has been assigned at birth and wholeheartedly contributes to the process.

“You could compare it to the fastidious process of erecting a magnificent cathedral.  In the past, such a grandiose project could not be completed within the lifespan of a single generation.  Yet, all the craftsmen and laborers held the very same vision at heart and understood that their contribution would outlast their earthly life and would be an enduring testimony of their living faith.

“Each one of you can enlist as a skilled artisan in the process of making your planet a place of utopia—no longer a far-fetched dream if you are acting upon it, thus incrementally transferring it into your reality.

“Peace on earth starts within.  Cultivate your own inner peace in such a way that all your thoughts, feelings, and actions are infused with it, thus expanding the territories it claims and creating an unstoppable emotional “global warming effect”.  Be peace activists in small and big ways and you will come to embody such a state of peaceful inner harmony that will be mirrored in your outer reality.”