Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 21, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “The image came to your mind of a young child, sitting on the lap of his dad who is letting him hold the wheel of the family car, under his watchful supervision. 

First of all, the child could not get a foretaste of what it feels like to drive if he was not ‘shadowed’ by an adult who can legally drive.  The young child lacks the physical size that would allow him to peak over the dashboard or to safely reach the pedals with his feet. 

In the connection between Me—your Higher Self—and you—your growing smaller self—we are sharing a similar experience.  Whenever you so desire, you can climb on My lap to get a glimpse of the world you live in from a higher perspective.  This memory is then yours to keep and to recall—it is a promise of things to come.                                                                          

Eventually, the child grows up and gets a Driver’s License after acquiring the necessary skills to drive solo.  He may then take his parents for a ride and proudly sitting at the wheel, now tall enough to see clearly through the windshield.  Yet, it does not mean that he knows the lay of the land.  This is where his parents come in, having already explored that road.

Dear ones, we are together for the long haul—the eternal one.  Spirit teaches you, leads you, and, having acquired faith in your abilities and growing maturity, hands you the wheel, after ensuring that your vehicle is equipped with a rearview mirror, occasionally interjecting driving tips from the back seat.  Drive safely!”