Oregon, US of A
Thursday, February 23, 2017

Christ Michael/Jesus:  Dear child, you invoked My presence in your Stillness time and I am here, as I cannot resist such a heartfelt invitation.  Close your eyes and get a feel for My presence. 

“Indeed, you may not able to see Me and yet, My presence is very real and, by developing your spiritual senses, you will have other ways to get in touch with it—just as you are doing now by typing the words that stream into your mind.

“The vast reality you live in—both on the inner and outer—becomes ‘real’ to you by being validated through the perception of your senses.  In His unfathomable Wisdom, the Father in Heaven gifted His creatures with various senses.  At times, on your world of time and space, some may suffer from specific handicaps such as blindness or deafness.  Yet, there are many doorways to connect with reality.  The blind man may not see shapes and colors, nevertheless he still gets to experience the other facets of reality through his expanded senses of hearing, touch, smell, and/or taste.  Each sense adds to the depth of the experience and contributes to make it more holographic.

“The same goes for the spiritual senses that are still very underdeveloped in most human beings.  Each one of you has been generously gifted and talented in a specific area, and this area will be your entry door to an expanded spiritual experience.  Some are clairvoyant; some are clairaudient; others are clairsentient… 

“As you learn to go within, you will start noticing that higher teachings are being imparted to you through the spiritual channels that are the most developed in you.  Guided as well by the fine sense of your intuition, you will find yourself at the threshold of an expanded reality and the veil of separation will start being lifted.  You will be initiated to some of the spiritual realities that will be part of your new environment after you transition.  This is worth striving for, as it will acquaint you with your future environment, just as a prospective tourist get familiarized with his next destination by reading brochures and learning pertinent information about it.  He will then know how to intelligently pack his suitcase.

“Dear ones, much information is available to you if you only ask.  Make good use of your god given capacities, as they are meant to be eternally expanded.”