Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Your brain is a highly sophisticated data processor.  It is connected, consciously or unconsciously, to various informational feeds that contribute to your self-image and influence the opinions you form.

I caution you to exercise your discernment skills to assess the quality of its input.  Negative self-talk reflects low self-esteem and deters you from activating your potentials for greatness in Godlikeness.

Parents' role is to instill healthy self-confidence in their children by fostering their positive inclinations instead of pointing an accusatory and derogatory finger at their perceived flaws.

“You will never amount to anything” is the worst possible script fed to a young mind, at the Antipodes of the “You were born for greatness” encouragement, the Bestower of personality whispers to each one of you.  Those are truthful words, as He provided the starter kit of your budding greatness.

Just as you cannot take at face value all data circulated through the mass media or the subjective opinions of others, you need to censor the negative and unloving strains of insinuations emanating from your 'head-quarters.' 

Unless you install potent layers of protection, your computer is at risk of being infiltrated by viruses intent at corrupting its files.  Diligently screen the content of what pops on your mental screen to dump in the junk file any disheartening news, originating from an unverified source.

Beware of negative self-talk, as it never serves your highest good.  Find a positive way to interact with yourself so that you can operate harmoniously and proactively.  By turning to Me for frequent reality checks, you will get the right picture.  I may point out your areas under construction, but I will also entice you with sneak previews of the beautiful layout of your state-of-the-art interior remodeling, fueling your eagerness to collaborate with Me—the Architect and Developer of your soul.”