Oregon, US of A
Thursday, February 13, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “God is Goal-Oriented. It speaks volumes for His Activities, doesn’t it? Let us ponder which ‘meaningful’ objectives He may entertain.

“Supported by the Absolute Truth of His Harmonious Being, He injects anything and everything with profound meanings. His creative endeavors are lovingly and meticulously 'premeditated.' He carries them out through Love-in-Action, thus manifesting breathtaking Beauty and passing His Quality Control with flying colors: “And God said that it was good.”  

“Such are the foundational elements of impactful lives. They are not lived randomly but intentionally. Certainly, there are many unknown elements in mortal life, as your initial assignment is to make sense of it. It should start with the “Why am I here?” quest for orientation. This weighty question sets you on your way to uncover logical and acceptable answers upon which you can base your life decisions. 

“In your quest for meanings, you need to become ‘purposeful’ and ‘goal-oriented.’  Your Heavenly Father has set the bar very high for His Mortal Offspring of the worlds of time and space.  Paradise—"the perfect abode of the Universal Father is the real and far-distant destiny of the immortal souls of the mortal and material sons of God, the ascending creatures of time and space.”  [UB 11:9:8]

“By soliciting My enlightened input, we will devise an epic itinerary to take you from the ‘here-now’ to the ‘there-after.’  Will you live up to our shared expectations?  There is no pressure, nor coercion on My part—only wishful and hopeful thinking.  Unlike you, I know the end from the beginning.  I am here to accompany you from your humble beginnings to the unfathomable glories of our common eternal destiny.  Does it pique your curiosity?  Does it stir the adventurer in you?  I sure hope it does.”