Are your thoughts meandering along a peaceful stream

Or are they rushing down a river gone wild?


Are they under the cruise control of your self-esteem

Or are they speeding on a freaky roller-coaster ride?


Do they pose a threat to your mental wellbeing

Or do you wish for them to linger on for a while?


Do they captivate and engage your full attention

Or do they bore you stiff with their endless repetition,

Draining you of your joie de vivre and halting your progression?

Isn’t it time for you to toss that old CD and turn things around?


Whenever you want to somewhat elevate your thinking,

Make sure to enroll the expertise of your Inner Sherpa.

In your attempt to break through your own glass ceiling,

He will safely guide you to a breathtaking panorama.


Random thought tourism may take you to some creepy places

Where peace robbers are lurking in your soul’s dark night,

Intent to take you hostage in their make believe palaces

And lending a deaf ear to your poor tourist’s sorry plight.


 Each one of your thoughts is handcuffed to a kindred emotion.

Some do feel good, while others you would be wise to abort.

Handpick them carefully as it is like making a room reservation:

Will they land you in a stinky dump or in a five star resort?


Use the power of your imagination!

Ask questions, investigate!

Do not settle for the old version

While you can get a free update!



Fri, 04/17/2015