Monday, April 2, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “What is Peace all about?  How do you know that you are at peace?  First of all, peace is the absence of inner turbulence.  It is best compared to a placid lake on a windless day.  The waters are so still that they are crystal clear, thus revealing to the observer what is contained at their deepest level—the fish life, the plant life…

“As well, when you have reached a state of utter inner peace, your mind and your heart thrive in an environment prone to higher understanding and optimal decision-making.

“Indeed, all inner turmoil has to be quieted down in order to hear the Still Small Voice of Spirit—your Soul Whisperer.  Whenever you feel agitated, it is much advisable that you take a time-out in the privacy of your room after ensuring that you won’t be disturbed by outer interferences. 

“Use your breathing to calm down your mind and bring your inner gears down to neutral—an inner idling mode from which you can receive higher guidance before you step back into active life.  By consciously connecting to the Stillness, you become increasingly ‘peace-filled’. 

“Dear ones, practice such a state of being-ness.  It is experiential but, once you have tasted such an amazing grace, you will know for sure that it is available to you to tap into and you will learn to recall it at will, just as human beings have access to various radio stations and can dial the one that will promote a profound meditative state.

"The peace that passes all understanding is the one that surprisingly ‘flash floods’ your being at the most unexpected moments.  It is the one that puts out the inner fires of panic and anxiety, turning your inner world inside out in the best kind of way.  Indeed, the Divine rides on the coattails of peace.”