Oregon, US of A
Thursday, January 11, 2018

“Mercy is the natural and inevitable offspring of goodness and love.” [UB 38:04]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about the Divine Judicial System versus the Human One. 

“First of all, human laws of conduct greatly vary on your world, depending on the spiritual development of their ‘legislators’.  They differ from country to country, state to state, town to town, person to person and even, moment to moment.  They come in a variety of packages that are supposed to maintain order and fairness in the various areas of the human life.  Yet, as it has become evident, many of these laws are adversarial to those they are supposed to protect if by ignoring their free will privileges, they have become overly dictatorial.

“Laws are meant to promote and maintain peace and harmony, as well as to protect the individual as part of a greater society.  Yet, in your imperfect world, the legal system is in great need of reform, as many of the existing laws, guidelines, and policies have been put in place for the wrong reasons, unfairly favoring a few over the multitude.

“On the other hand, the infinite universe you live in is functioning harmoniously, as it is ruled and supported by everlasting, absolute, fair, and compassionate laws.  Just pondering the truth of that fact should be a reason to feel relieved and to rejoice.  Divine Laws do not lend themselves to a variety of interpretations and twisting.  They are unyielding and ensure the eternal happy unfoldment of all existence.

“This is the reason why Jesus did not wish to get involved with human legislation: “I have not come to legislate but to enlighten.  I have come not to reform the kingdoms of this world but rather to establish the kingdom of heaven.  It is not the will of the Father that I should yield to the temptation to teach you rules of government, trade, or social behavior, which, while they might be good for today, would be far from suitable for the society of another age.” [UB Paper 140, Section 6]

“Dear ones, become expert in Divine Legislation. Once integrated into your being, it will inaugurate the Kingdom of Heaven within you—a Divine Embassy, a Holy Ground.”