Oregon, USA
Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Machiventa Melchizedek: "

“Let us test our connection. The Reflectivity Circuit that has now been put in place is a significant upgrade for our inter-realm communications. We may differ in form; however, we are connected in spirit. It is the reason why we can have spiritual communications.

“God’s creation is united in its ideals. Take a moment to ponder that fact. How else could the entire cosmos be harmonized if each one of Its constitutive elements was pursuing conflicting agendas?

 “It is the reason why I had an earthly incarnation as the Sage of Salem—in the days of Abraham. I was perfectly able to function in a human form, even though my spirit was the one of a Melchizedek Teacher. At the same time, I became very cognoscente of the human condition—just as our Creator Son became as Jesus.

“Don’t you see? The Divine is all walk—not just talk. Soon, once again, a high Divine Being will incarnate in human form. A Magisterial Son will live among you to guide you from Ground Zero to the Days of Light and Life.

 “What matters is that you condition your minds and hearts to be receptive to His Presence, as He will be the visible Commander in Chief of the planetary Light Workers. As well, He will coordinate the unfolding of the Correcting Time together with Christ Michael/Jesus and Myself—all of us being thoroughly versed in the complicated predicaments of your world.

 “Keep heart, dear ones. No matter how confused your world may appear to be, there is a reorganization plan in the workings. Restructure your life to stand ready to be mobilized. Time is precious. “The hour is approaching” to turn things around to the Glory of the One who created all of us. Be of good cheers.”