Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear One, as you well know, relationships give rise to a wide spectrum of feelings—depending on whether or not they are harmonious.  Harmonious relationships feel like an organism whose articulations are well lubricated and function optimally.  On the other hand, difficult relationships are ‘sore.’  They rub painfully against one another and could feel quite “arthritic”. 

“Whenever a relationship encounters hurdles, there is the possibility that it will have emotionally detrimental side effects – such as jealousy, resentment, bitterness, grudges, anger… and their likes.  Such emotions are corrosive emotions; they are like insidious drops of acid that drills their way through the healthy protective veneer and allow rust to move in.

“They are like dental cavities that eventually reach the root of the tooth, causing great pain—to the point that the tooth itself or its root has to be extracted.  Whenever you are encountering such painful relational challenges, stop and ask yourself whether or not you would sacrifice the relationship as you would pull a damaged tooth.  You have the option to “patch things up” so as to avoid such a painful emotional amputation.  It may be a painstaking process, but isn’t it worthwhile? 

“Each harmonious relationship expands who you are and opens new horizons for you as each individual can decorate your world with their uniqueness and expose you to new life experiences, awakening within you some traits of your own personality for which they--and only they--are the catalysts.

“To ditch or to patch up?  That is the question.  You live in a very materialistic society that is very prone to wastefully discard unwanted possessions.  Do not treat your relationships in a similar way.  They may be challenging but they are wise and demanding teachers if you can only look at them that way.”