Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “There is no such thing as genuine love if it is not connected with selfless service.  Indeed, a loving heart is driven to serve.  This is why Jesus’ life had such a mighty and convincing impact.  He lived to serve until He took His last breath and beyond.  Love is eternal and does not dissipate with the dissolution of your carnal envelope.  Rather, it is what gives wings to your soul and lifts it ever higher in this life and the afterlife.

From this perspective, many of you will realize that they do not know much about genuine love.  Yet, as their lives unfold, they are constantly provided with opportunities to upgrade the quality of their budding love, in partnership with higher service.

Indeed, love is all-inclusive and indiscriminative.  Self-centered love is not of this type, as it is stuck in a loop that revolves around the small self and keeps it disconnected from the greater organism to which it belongs and causes it to thrive through mutual service.

Just as true love has to be selfless, true service has to be loving—not just dutiful.  The sense of duty may jumpstart you in your higher service; yet, the day will come when love will become your prime motivation.  It will be accompanied by increasing joy and inner peace, as you will have found your alignment with your Divine Matrix of perfection.  You will be on track!

Prayer and intimate connection with your Higher Self will take you to that inner upgrade.  You will find your place as a sibling in the family of mankind and will be concerned about the family welfare.  This does not happen overnight but it is the promise Jesus makes you when he tells you: “Follow Me!” 

There is so much meaning in these two words: “Follow My example in the way you lead your life.  Follow the leadings of your heart.  Follow Me in your spiritual growth curve, as I am providing you with a very practical spiritual education.  In the end, by following Me, you will harvest the precious fruits of Spirit and your blessings will be plentiful, leaving no regrets as to the hardships you had to encounter along the journey.” Indeed, the destination is well worth the effort.”