Oregon, US of A
Sunday, July 22, 2018


Thought Adjuster: “The process of life has been depicted with many colorful metaphors:  a book, a stage, an arena, a river…  The book of your life is, upon your choosing, a book without ending, as life is meant to last forever.  Yet, some of the authors of such auto-biographies sign off prematurely by committing spiritual suicide—the only type of suicide from which one cannot recover.  Indeed, the mere termination of the physical embodiment—the font used to write the preface of your book—does not equate the termination of the resilient life force.

“It is as if life were an entity, continuously morphing from one experiential level to the next.  “As long as there is life, there is hope”, says it all.  Indeed, life is continuously driven by the hope for ever-better days—its sustaining fuel. 

“Beware of despair, as it cuts many lives short, preventing them to manifest their amazing eternal potential!  Despair drives one to abort some heartfelt personal mandates.  Despair is a saboteur!  Why would you let your flanks open to such a debilitating influence? 

 “Whenever it seems that despair is planning a full-fledged takeover, take drastic measures to stop it in its nefarious tracks.  Summon courage, as courage is known to always have the upper hand—no matter how dim things may appear to be.  Courage has a bright spirit and its appearance on the scene of your life gives you a boost that gets translated into a very effective ‘self-pep talk’. 

“How often in the past have you felt similarly challenged and disheartened, as if the universe was conspiring against you.  This is how dark a picture despair can paint, hypnotically throwing shadows on all areas of your life, deceiving you with its ‘trompe l’oeil paintings’.

“Dear ones, remember that nothing or no one can ever rob you of your free-will prerogative.  Whenever despair whispers dark thoughts, stop paying attention!  Rather, refocus on the sunny side of your life that reveal a multitude of blessings unaffected by your current difficulties.  By doing so, you slam open the shutters that stubbornly kept you in the dark and let in some warm sunrays that will take away the chills from your bones and renew your waning zest for life.  Try it out and you will be amazed at how quickly things will turn around with such a turnaround in attitude.”