Oregon, US of A
Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Let us explore the topic of Self-Consciousness.  Unlike animals, human beings are self-conscious.  What does it imply?

To be conscious of your existence is the beginning of selfhood.  However, it is only an initial framework around which you need to expand who you are.  How do you proceed?

First of all, you need to understand that the decisions you make that affect the material world of your biological origin, have an impact that transcends this tangible reality.  It is because you are a spiritual being and, as such, your decisions are of spiritual import.

It is how you grow in your self-consciousness since you have been conceived to experientially ‘evolve’ as you progress through the many legs of your human career toward self-awareness of your budding divinity.

The embryo you once were has now become a full-grown body of blood and flesh.  As well, you have grown in knowledge, courage, and wisdom. When correctly processed, material experiences yield spiritual dividends.  They contribute to your soul development—your passport to eternity.

How self-conscious are you?  It depends on the degree of your present moment awareness.  Have you set precise, short- and long-term intentions for your life? 

Jesus developed early in life a keen consciousness of the needs of His higher Self—the link toward the emergence of divinity.  As you grow in self-understanding and self-knowledge, your self-consciousness expands.  You learn to make well-informed decisions that bolster the outreach of your operative platform.”