Oregon, US of A
Friday, January 4, 2019

“… it is not necessary to see God with the eyes of the flesh in order to discern him by the faith-vision of the spiritualized mind.”  [UB 25:03]

Thought Adjuster: “Upon reading the above statement, the expressions “curiosity kills the cat” and “those who get burnt with milk, even drink curd-milk with caution” came to your mind.  They may be relevant as to matters of the physical reality, but need to be reworded as pertains spiritual issues to say ‘curiosity does not kill the Agodonters,’ i.e., those who believe without seeing, and ‘those who take a sip of the spiritual milk and honey, cannot but crave for more.’ 

“In your human experience, healthy curiosity should be promoted, rather than discouraged.  I am talking here of your inquisitiveness toward spiritual matters.  God is Spirit.  How else could you get to know Him without activating your spiritual ‘night goggles’?  Your intent is their ‘on-switch,’ and they are ‘powered’ by your faith, plugged into the Divine Power House. 

“Indeed, an infinite supply of ‘free energy’ stands at your disposal.  You can tap into it to safely investigate your spiritual surroundings in spite of your state of partial spiritual blindness.  Not only does the Father hold you in the Palm of His Hand, but He also holds you by the elbow to guide your uncertain steps until you have trained your ‘faith-vision’ to discern His Presence.”